This is practically a place where I put things I that aren’t mine but would hate to go and search online for,again or just things that don’t belong to me that I aquired by fair means. A collection of things I know that aren’t mine if you will. My original thoughts or things I believe are my original thoughts go in my main blog

For those who do not know me, my name is Abraham Raji. I like to make things. I design and build solutions to problems that fascinate me. I consider myself a minimalist who believes in sensible and intuitive design that is beautiful both on the outside as well as under the hood.

A few phrases that could be used to semi-accurately describe me are:

  • Free/Libre Software Enthusiast.
  • Privacy Advocate.
  • Consumer of Art.
  • Open Design Advocate.
  • An advocate of “Be excellent to everyone you see”.
  • Hardware Enthusiast.
  • Debian Contributor.
  • Mozillian.
  • Vector Designer.